Creative Breathwork

Different types of Breathwork

Rebirthing Breathwork

The Rebirthing lineage is a gentle yet powerful form of Breathwork for healing past Trauma, including Toxic Family patterns, Lineage and Birth Trauma, School and Religious Trauma.

The technique in its simplest form is a connected conscious breathing technique where the breather is taught to breath energy or prana as well as air.

Holotropic Breathwork

Holotropic breathwork is a conscious breathing technique where load music is used to assist the breather in letting go of thought and coming into the feeling state, strong emotions are encouraged to the surface and are expressed with the support of the facilitator.

Cathartic Breathwork

Cathartic Breathwork is a conscious connected breathing technique where somatic excersise are employed along with the breath to facilitate the release of blocks and traumas in the body. music is also sometimes used.

Tantric Breathwork

Tantra Breath is a conscious breathing technique that focuses on the rising of the kundalini energy, as this energy rises it opens up blocks in the body that are released through movement or emotion.

Creative Breathwork

Creative Breathwork is a twisted hair technique that employs several different lineages or Breathwork with the Rebirthing lineage at its core. Creative Breathwork understands that every human is a divine creative being with endless potential and the Taumas experienced at birth and beyond have created the limiting beliefs that hold back this potential.

We use all of the above Breathing techniques with, processes to unlock the psychology and free the body, mind and reconnect the spirit to source.