Creative Breathwork

What to expect during a breathing session

Introduction to breathing technique

Starting with the Creative Breathwork lineage of breathwork, you learn to breathe in a connected way – This means, continuous connected breathing for one hour. Each time you breathe, it will be connected, conscious breathing for a full hour.

  • Connected means that we are aiming to breathe in a way where if you could see your breath, it would be a figure 8. There would be a continuous loop with no breaks between  the in-breath and the out-breath.

  • Try it now, take a deep breath, relax and take another breath then before you completely finish the out breath breath in again so there is no break in between, do this for several breaths, it may make you feel dizzy at first this is ok and will pass the further along the breath journey you go.


  • What happens when we breathe like this, is that it activates an altered state. It stops the brain from coming in, which then allows you to drop deep into your being.

It is very helpful to know what to expect when you first start to do this kind of connected breathing. What will happen varies from individual to individual and you may experience all or some of the following:

  • Fear coming up – This is very common because it’s letting go and giving over and surrendering. Fear may be felt as coldness, as difficulty in breathing (tightness of the breath). It may be that you get fidgety, or itchy all over.
  • Bliss – Some people feel euphoric and get into a beautiful blissful state, natural DMT can be released from your body giving you an altered state
  • Sadness / Grief – Release of emotions
  • Tetany – Tightening of the hands into a claw – tightening of the face. This is due to too much carbon dioxide because of a forced out breath and will pass with time. Tetany can be a very intense experience for some and can be prevalent in most of their breath sessions.
  • Frustration – Feelings of frustration and tension coming up as things are moving, shifting and coming up to be healed.
  • Anger – Anger coming up and release of anger, can be felt as intense heat, desire to kick out and get out of here.
  • Temperature changes – Hot or Cold
  • Extreme exhaustion like you could sleep for years, often present when something is about to surface
  • Suspended breath– This is where you are fully present, fully conscious but there is no breath. The breath stops completely for a period of time, it could be quite a few minutes.  It will naturally re-start. If suspended breath happens while you are facilitating a breathwork session for a client or a buddy, you can just stay calm and present with the person, and know that they will start breathing again, naturally. This is a blissful experience and you can feel super-expanded and as if the breath is moving in your very being. This is a pranic breathing, outwardly there is no sign of breathing, you don’t look like you are breathing, but you are breathing. You are experiencing pranic breathing. The breath is being absorbed – and energy is coming in pranically. (Pranic breathing will be explained later in the course).
Students at The Byron Bay Retreat Australia June 2021

It’s possible you may not feel any of these things in your first breathe. Let go of all expectations and all judgements when you go into your breathe. A lot of people try so hard to do a “perfect breathe”. It is not about that at all. You aren’t trying to aim for perfection.

The frustration might come up because you are demanding the best of yourself, whatever comes up, whatever happens when you are learning to breathe is perfect for you.

In group breathes and 1-1 breathes, I will be guiding and supporting you to learn the technique, so that you will get activated. The breathwork sessions really start to have a shamanic power, once you have mastered the connected breath technique.

It can truly be a quite phenomenal experience.