Creative Breathwork



When to not facilitate a Breathwork session:

Breathwork can assist people with mild mental disorders but only when a therapist has had a lot of experience.

People with these disorders are not good candidates for breathwork:

Mental Illness: Anxiety-Depression-Psychosis-Suicidal NO! Only a very experienced Breathworker would work with someone with a mental illness, they would also work alongside a Counsellor or Psychologist, Social worker or Psychiatrist.

Injury: For any rib cage, head injury or surgery you would wait 6 weeks to facilitate sessions.

Medication: People can stay on their medication and the Breathwork sessions may get them to a place where they can start to lessen their

dose or come off completely, This is not your area of expertise so best not interfere just support them.

Pregnancy: (Only for very experienced Breathworkers) Best only during 2nd Trimester and you would aim to give them very gentle sessions.

Alcohol and Drug addictions: If ‘high’ at the time definitely not! If you choose to work with someone using alcohol or drugs you will be filtering all of the toxic pollution through your energy field! You would need to use the purification practices on a daily basis and spread their sessions to fortnightly so you have time to recover It would be a wiser choice to refer them to a recovery programme and tell them they can come back to you for sessions after they have been sober for 6 months.

Illnesses: High blood pressure- Yes- Low blood pressure- Yes but monitor them for knocking out

Heart issues– be cautious and wait 6 weeks after an attack etc- ONLY FOR EXPERIENCED BREATHWORKERS

Severe lung issues– very cautious, very gentle breathing- ONLY FOR EXPERIENCED BREATHWORKERS

Severe headache– Yes but the breathing could make them feel worse until they clear the issue that’s causing it (usually suppressed emotion)

Cancer: Most types ok but be cautious with Lung cancers- ONLY FOR EXPERIENCED BREATHWORKERS

*Use your common sense and intuition and if ever in doubt email me.

*Always better to er on the side of caution until you become experienced.

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