Creative Breathwork

Tools for Energy clearing

Breathwork is really one part of the elemental purifying practices of enlightened yogis from India, where the lineage of Creative Breathwork is rooted. We will cover elemental purification practices in more depth later in the course.

Clearing the energy before and after a session whether online or face to face is an essential part of your professional life.

Clearing your self and your space is something you will need to practice daily every day.

To begin you will need a tool kit with all of your smudge and space clearing tools handy in one spot.

Creative Breathwork shop has taken the best and most useful equipment we have found over the years and created a Space clearing tool kit for you to purchase and start using. (Put link for smudge kit)

You are welcome to make your own kit if you are already practiced in the art of space clearing and smudging.

The kit has a comprehensive guide to clearing your space included.

Below is a document you can download to assist you in how to prepare your space daily.