Creative Breathwork

Air Purification Techniques

The first Element we work with, as beginners – in group breathes and 1-1 supervised breathwork sessions is working with the Air Element. We learn to breathe a connected continual conscious breath.

It is important to understand the need to balance all the Air that we get with breathwork by working with the other elements. 

You will also be working with the energy of the Fire Element. Sitting with fire, is a sacred space to let go of everything that no longer serves you. The fire energy can assist in burning up old resentments, rage and anger. Fire can be harnessed for igniting new passions in your life and new purpose. 

Water is the element of working with the emotions. Working with the Water element, breathing with and in water – this is a practice which can help to bring up deep primal emotions. Working with water and the breath can free-up and clear emotions that are buried very deep inside us; emotions hidden from our conscious awareness. 

Water breathwork is very powerful work. If you decide to continue to the more advanced levels of training, you will come and do 10 underwater breathwork sessions with me. It’s part of the advanced training. Water breathwork really takes things to the next level, where you can develop a very high vibe connection with spirit, your guides and your soul.

Earth element – Working with the earth element encompasses the food that you eat, cleansing your body, being present to what you are feeling physically, and being fully present in your body. It includes our connection to Gaia, our Mother Earth and the life energy of nature and all things growing.

Breathwork brings a lot of things to the surface on every level and this includes your physical body. Embodiment practices are an essential part of the training for Level 1. Being in your body, being fully present when the breath brings things up with your body.

Each element brings a unique energy that supports us on our journey to healing, transformation, presence and connection.