Creative Breathwork

Reptilian and Limbic Brain

Emotional suppression in the early years:

Every living thing has a reptilian brain, it literally controls our autonomic nervous system, our breathing, blood pressure, heart rate ,hormones. The neuro cortex is our thinking brain, and dissects categorises and plans. CB goes straight to the heart of our reptilian and limbic brain. In an ideal birth, The foetus and the mothers reptilian brain are in synchro. The neuro cortex is not yet functioning, but the reptilian brain is functioning perfectly in the womb and at birth (which is how a foetus can have gestation trauma if the mother is in a high stress state the baby will pick this up). At birth it is set in motion to run the body and it never changes throughout your life. If you have a traumatic birth your nervous system is going at a higher rate and stays like that for the rest of your life. The logic brain isn’t functioning normally for the mother during Late pregnancy and birth, if she is having an ideal birth she will be dreamy, in an altered state and in sync with her baby. If you’re rebirthing someone you are putting them into the reptilian and limbic brain. Where you can be in touch with your emotions and the basic body functions.

(For your first 10 clients am I doing this for the client or am I doing this because I feel like I need to do something.) 

The mind connects one to the emotional pain via today’s problems and the merged breath restores eternal energy to the contracted cells. Consciously merging the breath, connects one to the primal force that built one’s body in the first place. 

So, the theory, (and we always call everything “working theories” in this lineage of breathwork) is that when we are born, and sometimes in-utero – when we are traumatised either by birth or in-utero or in childhood trauma experiences – our cells contract. They contract and stop life force entering into them. 

It’s actually genius, this thing that our mind does, to help us survive. It locks in the trauma into these parts of your body, so that you don’t go completely mad or die basically.

Because when you think about it, modern birth is horrendous. If you have seen a birth in hospital or given birth in a modern way…how does a baby survive that…really?!

When you look deep into the spirituality of who we are and how we are born, we are born perfect and the way that we are born is perfect. 

Our placenta is actually our connection to Source, our connection to spirit to life force and it is perfectly designed for supporting our transition into this world in every way. So what do we do? We cut it – straight-away.

The Placenta

So I just wanna read a little bit about the placenta. The purpose of the placenta is to be a physical and energetic receiver of the cosmic force that the energy body of the foetus uses, in conjunction with Earth, Air, Water, Fire, to create its own body in the womb. So it’s like the connection to what I was talking about, the spirit aspect of the 5 elements. It’s our storage organ, it stores essential nutrients for use after birth to strengthen the immune system. So when we chop it away from the baby straight away, it doesn’t get all of those nutrients to strengthen the immune system. Which makes me wonder, you know. I mean, I’m a…I don’t like the word ‘conspiracy theory’, because it plays down our ability to question the norm. But I think, you know, a medical system that wants us to rely upon it, chopping the placentas off babies so their immune systems aren’t strong, makes me wonder. 

Some of these nutrients within the cord and placenta, if not transferred at that time, are not manufactured by the body at any time afterwards. The energetic and nutrient transference opens  up otherwise unused parts of the human brain, which is fascinating. This gives the child access then, but more especially showing up later, intellectual abilities that we can only dream of. It has been said that the human race is using only a small part of its brain potential. I hypothesise that these children are able to tap into, but not only because of having the placenta attached after birth, larger parts of their brain. These children are superior on every level. They rarely cry or get sick and, as previously stated, are very intelligent.

A placental birth is only a good beginning if our parents have not resolved their birth pain and early childhood abuse issues from an early age. We as children will begin to breathe like Mum and Dad. This is what I was saying to you, when you start breathing in a more healed way, your daughter will start to follow. She won’t even know she’s doing it, she’ll just start to. Mum and Dad will also begin to act out, or download, their subconscious pain in an effort to alleviate their own internal stresses, and this will further impede our ability to breathe energy as well as air.

The placenta is a companion like a lover, one whom we love. It is the sun, moon and stars to us while in the womb, and we are lonely without it when it is unceremoniously taken away at birth. It stores cosmic energy which protects the newborn’s energy body from the energy body pollution from adults and other forces, until it can adjust its own energy body to planetary conditions. It feeds the gestating foetus with nutrients, and it physically feeds the newborn after birth. Placental nutrients are vital for our well-being and health later in life.

So the purest energy body will process the most impurest. So when they were talking about, and they still do it I think in some countries, they put old people’s homes with preschools, and they thought it was a really good idea. It’s not a good idea. Because when you look at the understanding that the purest energy body will process the most impurest, then you’re seeing all these children processing the energy of all these unprocessed older people, and it’s quite horrible when you think about it. And that’s why children make us feel so good when they’re around us, because they’re energy body is pure. It’s so much more pure than ours, so we start to feel pure because they start to process us. Which is why children will act out. If they’re in the presence of someone who’s, you know, off, they’ll start acting off.

The first thing we do in birth is we cut our children’s supply of Life Force and their connection to Spirit – straight-away.

The first thing they have to do, is to decide in that moment to struggle for life, or to die. And so, most of us want to live because we are miracles in the first place, it is a miracle that we got to come through.

So, we breathe – and we breathe in such a shocked manner – that we lose immediately – our ability to breathe Prana or Life-force. We are just breathing to stay alive, we are not breathing to be connected to Spirit or connect to our actual LIfe-force. 

This is why in my understanding, my belief, why there is so much mental illness and vulnerability amongst us !! We are not really all supposed to be mentally Ill, we are all amazing but we have forgotten it – totally.

We have totally forgotten how amazing we are, because it was taken away from us the moment we were born.

I’ve had two children, and I was attempting to have home births for both of them, and I wanted it to be as natural as possible. What actually happened, was that I had horrific experiences birthing both of my two children.

When I first did this training, I was a mess, in the corner, saying to myself “I’ve fucked it!” I thought II had completely messed up everything. But both my kids are unbelievably amazing, and show that you can recover from birth trauma.

My son has done rebirthing breathwork, which I believe has completely changed the course of his life in the most incredibly positive and empowering ways.

So, this breathing, the theory is, that this breathwork will enable us to start breathing prana again – which is our birthright which is what we are supposed to be doing, but it was taken from us.

This is why Leonard Orr decided to go and look for an immortal yogi, because he heard that immortal yogis were buried under the ground for years at a time, then dug up and they were still alive. He wanted to know how the fuck they did that! 

So he went and found one, and he watched this immortal yogi get buried in the ground, and he went back for the ceremony of the uncovering. He learned that basically, what it is, that they know how to breathe Prana. 

Suspended breath is breathing prana, you stop breathing physically into your lungs, and you are absorbing life force and prana through all the cells of your body. You don’t need the mechanism of the lungs to breathe Prana.

So, that’s how these immortal yogis could stay alive, buried under the ground for 1 to 2 years. They stay alive with nothing except Prana, Life Force energy. 

If you are interested in reading up on this, there’s a couple of books:

  • Autobiography of a Yogi
  • The Maharaj

Both are very interesting old school Indian spiritual books which are really a must-read. Classics that should be read at least once in your life.

I am so passionate about this subject and I hope that you will be too.

So how we look at, you know, in this kind of lineage of breathwork is that the womb, or the mother, is just the landlady. She just keeps the temperature right, and makes sure that the food’s happening. It’s kind of a really cool way of looking at it, because we carry so much baggage around our parents, and so much baggage around our lineage, and we think they created us and they’re responsible for our trauma, our woundings, that we’re not sovereign beings. When you kind of feel that into the possibility that you created yourself in a womb, then you can come back to more of an understanding that this is your creation, you’re the creator, and you have the ability then to start really creating the life that you want. You’re not subject to who your parents are, and what lineage you come from. We think we are, and we do of course take on a whole lot, which we will be learning in the seminar. 

So the beauty of this work is that when you look at the different elements that you’re made up of, during your lifetime these elements become toxic, and they become heavy and dense. For me, I’ve worked a lot with Air, Fire and Water, and Earth is the one that I get stuck on. Earth is the one that I need to do lots more work on. So the Earth element is something that I need to get more friendly with. I can see that it’s because I’m a Mermaid, I’m supposed to be living in the water and I’m not really comfortable on the land and so I have to get a lot more comfortable with the Earth element, which is food and exercise and things like that. Emotionally I feel quite healthy, that’s the Water element and the Fire element as well. And the breathwork, I do a lot of breathwork, and the breathwork stabilises the mind. 

So that’s why when you come and do the breath, and this is why we work with the breath more than any other element, because we have in our culture very sick minds. So it brings out the sickness in the mind, the breathwork. So a lot of you are gonna experience what it is that’s going on in your mind through the breathwork in a really amplified way. So you’re just letting that breath, the Air element, purify your mind and your thoughts. And before you can purify it, of course it’s gonna bring out what’s toxic and what’s not OK, you know.