Creative Breathwork

Practitioner Training

Practitioner Training

Creative Breathwork professional training will enable you to work as a Creative Breathwork therapist/practitioner.

Level 3 Breathwork Mastery including at least one Mentorship is the minimum level to work independently one on one with paying Breathwork clients.

After graduating from level 3:

To progress on to train to become  a group Breathwork practitioner you must take on at least 3 one on one paying clients and lead them through 10 sessions each.

This is an important step in your training to become a good group space holder.

Level 4 Mastery qualification is required to hold space for groups .

The 4 levels can be completed over a 3 year period.

You must complete the levels satisfactorily to qualify as a CB facilitator.

The training is available both online and face to face. Online students will be required to attend at least 1 face to face retreat. *Overseas students can substitute level 3 underwater breathwork for 10 one on one online sessions with Redlyn Kym.

Creative Breathwork retreats are for those wanting to work with the breath to heal as well as for those who want to train as a professional Breathwork facilitator.

All of us who have experienced a modern birth and whose parents, through no fault of their own, were unconscious and traumatised, will be living with profound trauma and will not know who they really are.

Creative Breathwork Retreat


Creative Breathwork Online trainings are for those who can not come to a face to face retreat but still want to work with the breath to heal as well as for those who want to train as a professional Breathwork facilitator.
*To qualify as a Creative Breathwork Practitioner you must satisfactorily complete:
Level 1 – Retreat or level 1 Online Course
Level 2 – Retreat or level 2 Online Course
Level 3 – 10 Online sessions with a qualified Creative Breathwork facilitator
Plus At least one Mentorship
This Online level 1 Training intake Opens September 2023.
It will include:
Personal clearing work to be able to become a clear vessel for your clients.
Education and training whilst you work with real practice clients face to face and online.
Support to find and develop your unique gifts to hold energetically safe and clean spaces for your clients to heal.
You will study and practice:
Elemental Purification practices.
Work with a partner who is a fellow student, to do your own breathwork practice and facilitation with your breathe buddy.
Online Group Breathes
You will join a regular online group and be facilitated in your own breathes to support your own healing journey.
Mentor Groups
You will join regular mentor groups where you can ask questions, meet other Creative Breathwork students and learn more about your own Breathwork practice and about Breathwork facilitation.
Included in the course will be:
Downloadable Audios
Audios of meditations, breathwork practices etc will be available for you to download and keep.
Videos of seminars 
You will be able to watch videos from Creative Breathwork retreats of Seminars, processes and breathwork sessions.
A library of downloadable written content will be available to support your journey with your own personal healing and also your journey to becoming a Creative Breathwork Facilitator.
Student Manual
A comprehensive student manual will be available for you to download print out and keep as your Breathwork bible.




Learn Breathwork Online with Creative Breathwork Redlyn

Our brain as a newborn has an inbuilt intelligence that deals with trauma as soon as it happens, this trauma stays tucked away in our tissue until the time is right for it to come to the surface, this is usually in the teen years. Unfortunately our culture is not prepared to support the undoing of this trauma so it is either re-buried in the body, causing us to seek out activities to keep us numb, ie; addictions, or the person is thrown into a tumultuous existence of depression, anxiety and illness.


The conscious connected breath is the most powerful tool we have discovered to unblock deep ancestral trauma and rewrite your life blueprint.


In the level 1 Creative Breathwork retreats you will learn:

  • Birth trauma and how our brain works to suppress the trauma of being born and how we can unlock this trauma.
  • Where and when you were traumatised, the beliefs you developed about yourself and your life, techniques to release and forgive.
  • The parental and lineage patterns that you are unconsciously living out and how to rewrite these stories
  • How Childhood and School trauma affects your relationships,  your ability to learn and your self worth
  • Purification and longevity techniques to support healing through your whole system.
  • Past life recall, trauma release and reconnection with your higher self and spirit guides
  • How to breathe an hour long connected breath cycle to release blocks and to experience your true and innocent self
  • Your spiritual and religious trauma and how to reconnect to your own ‘knowing’ in a healthy empowered way.
  • Reconnect with your life purpose, who you are and what you are doing here

Drawing on her 30 years of experience, Redlyn is a  gentle yet powerful guide to support you back to your authentic, innocent self before you were programmed by trauma. 

She discovered that most people seeking out her services were carrying unresolved stress and trauma in the body and this was the main cause of mental and physical illness.

Her clients were showing symptoms of disconnect from source and a deep unconscious mistrust of life.

The conscious breath is one of the most effective methods to free yourself from trauma and return to your  original state in which you were meant to live.

“Through the reclamation of the breath all trauma is curable and through the curing of trauma the potential for bliss and profound awakening is not only possible but guaranteed.”

Structure of the Creative Breathwork Mastery Programme for Practitioners & Therapists

Mastery Level I Online Level 1 programme or Onsite retreat programme for 7 days of personal growth, History and psychology of Breathwork and introduction to Breathwork facilitation
Mentorship program Continuation of personal growth, daily meditations, weekly breathwork practices and readings. Online breathwork groups, sharing and one on one mentor sessions with Redlyn Kym
Level 2 Mastery Onsite retreat programme – Online Level 2 available 2023- Deepening in personal growth and breathwork facilitation
Level 3 Mastery Underwater breathwork 10 sessions- In person with Redlyn Kym
For international students the Underwater sessions can be substituted with 10 online land breathwork sessions.
Level 4 Mastery (Group Facilitation) Onsite retreat programme over 8 days: Deepening in personal growth and supporting at retreats, running groups for level 1 and 2 participants at retreat
Optional Mastery Mentorship One on one and group participation in an online business mentorship, specifically designed to support you in setting up, running and succeeding in your Breathwork practice.

Mastery Level I- Content  
Birth Trauma & Theory of Emotional Suppression How has our modern birth story effected our ability to connect and remember who we are and what we are here for? This topic is at the heart of the whole Creative Breathwork journey
Parental patterns and Personal Law Our Parents, Grandparents and our lineage as far back as 7 generations, effects our perspective of ourselves and our world. Are the traumas/baggage we carry our own? Lineage trauma is explore in depth with powerful processes to understand and release that which is no longer serving.
Childhood and School Trauma Children are sponges that absorb, information both spoken and unspoken. We will explore how childhood and the school years have molded you into the person you are today. You will become aware of the beliefs you developed and decide if you want to keep them or release them.
Death Urge & Religious Trauma Deep in the psyche of the human mind is the belief that in order to reunite with Spirit/God or Source i must leave my body. We explore this subject in depth. You will understand how the death urge is a belief that hinders you from living in the present moment to the fullest.
Immortality & Past Life Elemental practices will be introduced and studied as a part of the purification teachings to support health and longevity. Past Life can be that which you are still carrying that is not part of the present moment and is effecting your ability to be here now.

Who is This Training For?

This training is for:

Those wanting to fulfill a desire to be of service and begin a career as a Creative Breathwork facilitator.

Therapists already working with people who want to add a modality that will assist in supporting their clients through profound shifts and trauma release.

People wanting deep, lasting and profound personal shifts in their own lives

Mothers and Fathers wanting to release their own birth trauma and unhealthy family patterns

Anyone wanting to release past traumas, beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving them.

Have you tried everything to release the trauma and baggage that is weighing you down and stopping you from becoming the being you were born to be?