Creative Breathwork

Full Creative Breathwork Journey 10 Online Sessions 1:1


A deep transformational journey back through your life to clear pain.

Essential info

Founded by Leonard Orr. This is a ten session journey to re-experience your first breath, your journey through childhood into adulthood. We will explore childhood experiences that have informed your view and therefore experience of the world and people in your life. It can give you the opportunity to see clearly the unconscious thoughts and psychological patterning that have influenced your life until now and clear this patterning to make way for new and conscious beliefs.

Hours: 15hrs
Sessions: 10
Location: Online Zoom or Skype

Contact Details

Contact: For any inquiries, contact us here or send us an email at

Booking & Cancellation Policy

Bookings Policy: Bookings close 2 days before the session starts.
Cancellation Policy: Cancellation fee is 50% of full fee if cancelled less than 1 Month before commencement date . Private session Cancellation fee is 25% of full fee if not given 24 hours notice.