Creative Breathwork


Birth and Conception

Sleep is the short death- death is the long sleep

What happens when you sleep? You have dreams, you go through brain cycles, you visit other realms. 

We sleep a third of our life…Why? 

Research into sleep done with scans and high tech machinery, can see if a good sleep affects the brain. Suggesting sleep is very important.

According to the above statement the same thing happens when we die as when we sleep, except it is a longer process.

The energy body is purified during sleep.

The brain is in subjugation (means it is a result of) to the energy body.

We only die because our energy body becomes polluted, it can no longer sustain the earth, air, water and fire so the body needs to die to rejuvenate the energy body, we do this every night when we sleep. If your energy body is polluted you will need more sleep.

In the energy body is a million and a half thoughts, these are the blueprint for creating the physical body. 

The mother doesn’t create the baby, she is the land lady who keeps rain out, the temperature warm and eats enough To sustain her and the baby.

The baby builds its own body.

When a soul is ready to be born it brings its energy body into the womb and then uses the million and a half thoughts to create the body. If this statement is true, we must know how to recreate our bodies cells every day outside of the body…More on this in the physical immortality subject.

You can recreate good health by clearing and cleaning your energy body.

The thoughts that actually kill us don’t happen today; they happened at birth, which is why we need to process and clear trauma from birth. The trauma at birth pollutes the energy body, though it can never destroy or pollute the million and half pristine thoughts.

Thought is the smallest particle in the universe. A thought occurs before we act upon it, it is the first energy that occurs in the chain of manifesting something into the physical. When we are pure our thoughts are pure and then our manifestations are pure.

An Ideal Birth

What happens in an ideal birth? You would come into the womb, create your body, in 9 months you would be born into a warm pure environment, you would be placed naked onto your mothers body, she would birth the placenta and keep it attached to the baby until it naturally drops away (A few days).

The importance of the Placenta

Nutrients from the placenta lines the stomach, it kick starts the immune system. On an energetic level the placenta has an enormous amount of prana that it feeds to the energy body. The placenta is the baby’s connection to source energy during its time in the womb, it provides food and companionship and connection to higher self. Once born it provides the baby with a buffer from the harsh new earthly environment, it allows the baby to explore the breath slowly so the baby can learn in it’s own time to breath oxygen and prana. The placenta belongs to the baby, not the mother. It is actually a foreign object to the Mother’s body.

When the baby is deprived of it’s placenta the baby is traumatised and spends its life looking for it (Cuddly toys, addictions, best friends etc).

The Placenta is a porthole to the source, if it is left attached the baby will learn to breath prana as well as oxygen.

Postpartum depression is the result of going against your innate knowing when birthing your baby. 

*For the parents; Having said all of this it is helpful to remember whilst you are feeling your parent guilt, you are innocent! You didn’t know!

(Can I rebirth a child?)….. It is too much of a burden on the child to direct the healing onto it, the parent is the best candidate for rebirthing and this will be passed onto the child.

Results of Placenta ‘cut off’

Placenta ‘cut off’ Newborn doesn’t have access to the nutrients in the placenta. Newborn loses body weight.

They don’t generally lose weight if placenta is attached.

Colon is deprived of essential start up nutrients, particularly if coupled with lack of breast feeding.

Newborn is deprived of the companionship of the placenta- ‘The lost lover’.

Newborn feels abandoned- We came as children of God/Goddess/Source, not the children of our Parents.

An idea of ownership over a child can give the parent a right to abuse their child.

Newborn is jolted to earth rather than gently whilst the placenta is attached (You can’t take a baby to the supermarket if it’s placenta is attached).

How it shows up later in life: 

  1. Never feel at home on earth
  2. Always searching, but never finding one’s home on earth.
  3. Constantly moving house.
  4. Never feeling at home in the body.
  5. Feeling cut off from the source.
  6. Clinging to things – a shopaholic attitude
  7. Codependency- partner replaces placenta
  8. Desire to die and get another placenta
  9. Sick at times that trigger birth trauma- Birthdays, pregnancy.

Drug addiction

Drugs weren’t used much in birth before the war.

Drugs given to babies at birth.

Midnight sleep was a drug designed for the war, there was a lot left over after the war and was introduced into the hospitals.

If the child receives drugs at birth, there are certain hormones that flow at birth that start flowing again in the teenage years, as soon as this happens they are triggered into wanting the same drugs to feel the same at birth.

Everything that passes through the mother will pass through the baby at birth.

Drugs and other psychedelic substances are used to try to recreate the primal connection.

Human consciousness effects the whole of the planet. We are given dominion (The bible)

Our parents have dominion over us as far as their thoughts go, they download them to us during birth.