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Money and Love

Money and Love

The thought is I am separate from Love, god doesn’t love me my parents don’t love me so we are all battling for it.

The unresolved thought from this trauma is, my worth is established by my status and credentials. Your being born is all you need to know you are worthy.

It is a tough career. You have to keep working on yourself. This is your credentials.

Often this syndrome is expressed through work, we have to give up on ourselves, we have to obey our parents, we have to do something unpleasant to get money, then we want to get rid of it quickly as it was so unpleasant to get in the first place. 

My worth is established by what I do, what I wear, what I look like, my financial status etc etc…

Money and your employment are intimately tied with PDS, what’s a better way to teach our parents they did a bad job of raising us than to be struggling in your finances. If we are still trying to get even with our parents we will use our finances to do it. 

Life patterns associated with PDS:

The consequences of conforming to your parents control when you were younger:

Difficulties with intimacy as it feels oppressive

Difficulty expressing feelings openly out of fear of rejection.

Difficulty with commitment and freedom, because love = control.

The rebel will fight back the complient will capitulate but there will be a lot of anger behind it

Avoidance of personal authority or leadership, looking for something or someone outside of themselves to lead them. This creates unhealthy hero worship.

When you hear about cults and mass suicide/murder that is the ultimate in that syndrome. 

Feel the need for approval rather than feel deserving, Seeking approval rather than giving approval to themselves, feel guilty for saying no.

Feeling self focus is unacceptable and selfish, everyone else comes first, getting into a habit of doing everything for everyone else and they come last, low energy levels due to suppression, codependency, food addictions, covert addictions (secret). Saying yes to everything, taking on other peoples problems, too care taking. 

Rebel has low energy level due to suppression, they get psyched up to feel, they say no are over selfish, they want to scare you so they don’t get hurt, they attract being attacked so they can get into a fight to express themselves. Anti social behaviour, they have overt addictions don’t care what you see.actively seek disapproval and create situations with authority figures to resolve PDS, they get in trouble with the Tax department and gov. They do things to get the police to come. The son of A Tax department senior was arrested for millions of stolen Gov money, what a way to stick your finger up to your father and to attempt to get his attention than to do this, his son was definitely a rebel.

Poor approval it doesn’t know its nothing, yet why do we seek it so desperately? And disapproval, Rebels seek disapproval as desperately as complaints seek approval especially if they are still ot getting Love with no strings attached. A course in miracles says ‘ Nothing you can do can change eternal Love’ and ‘Your worth is established by God/Goddess/Source (If God is a trigger word for you, then you are a worthy because your egg was fertilized out of millions of others you are a miracle), your worth is not established by teaching or learning, nothing you do ,make, think or wish is necessary to establish your worth’

What to do about it?