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Parental disapproval/approval syndrome

Parental disapproval syndrome:

And the beauty of children is that they’ll show you up on the things that you’re trying to hide. So you might see a little girl in the supermarket with her Mum, and she’s walking around lifting her dress up and pulling her pants down in the supermarket. And Mum’s freaking out, because Mum’s got all this undealt with sexual shame. So the daughter is exposing her sexual shame to the world. And that’s what happens. Our children act out all of our…so when people say to me, ‘can you please work with my child?’. No, let’s work with you, ‘cause you’ve got unprocessed stuff, your child is like a body sensation. Your child is trying to show you where your unprocessed stuff is. And I see that with my kids now. With my daughter, unfortunately my ex-partner is not particularly conscious. He’s a lovely man, but he’s not. So she has to process a lot of his stuff. I was the bridge for my family, and I think…I see it a lot, but I think the opposite sex child takes after the opposite sex parent a lot. So my son is very much like me, and I think he received the gift of the clearing through my work. My daughter is a lot like her dad, so she still has to process and do a lot of work. So if he did some work it would be amazing, but he’s probably never going to. So I see her processing a lot of his stuff, and it’s heartbreaking for me, ‘cause there’s not much I can do about that. I have to just give that over, that’s her journey. I really honour you as a father for being here and doing the work, ‘cause it’s the greatest gift you can give your daughter. We think that parenting our children is about telling them what to do, and giving them opportunities and stuff. It’s not. It’s being the best version of ourselves, that’s what good parenting is. So when parents turn up to do this work, I love it, yeah, it’s fucking great, ‘cause I know it’s hard. 

That’s it. And that’s what we do, we just pass it on and pass it on and pass it on, and here we are you know, a conglomeration of passed-on trauma that no-one’s brave enough to work on. So there’s some elements of placenta cut-off, it’s called. The newborn is deprived of the physical nutrients in the cord blood and in the placenta itself. The newborn loses body weight. Colon is deprived of essential start-up nutrients. I think that’s why most of us have colon problems, especially when exacerbated by lack of breastfeeding. Newborn is deprived of companionship of placenta, newborn feels abandoned. Newborn is jolted to Earth, not gently and slowly over 3 to 6 days introduced to Earth conditions. Some adult elements of placenta cut-off: 

never feel at home on Earth

always searching and never finding one’s home on Earth

constantly moving house

never feeling quite at home in the body

drugs and other psychedelic substances are used in an attempt to recreate the primal connection

feeling cut off from source

clinging to things

shop-a-holic attitudes in an attempt to replace the placenta

co-dependency – our partner becomes the placenta. This can be the beginning of co-dependent behaviour. 

Desire to die, to get another placenta

General ill health, especially at times birth trauma is stimulated, such as birthdays or becoming pregnant

Belly-button piercings – piercings and tattoos can be indicative of trauma

It’s claiming your body back. It is amazing how it is built into nature that even a totally loved and wanted child can feel so much rage about being separated from his mother. I’ve commented before how difficult birth produces teenage suicide and homicide, and how it is a major factor in putting people in prison. The pain of all unrequited love dips us into the pain of separation from the womb at birth. Birth trauma is so basic to the human condition, and yet most ignore it until they die. It is a major factor in the popularity of physical death, and death is the only way to get back into the womb. That’s Leonard. 

We are born as complete embodiment of perfect love, There’s a dna reason for this…Cave mothers were always in danger, how we have developed is this perfect love pours out of us so our mother will save us instead of herself. If this hadn’t happened in cave times we wouldn’t be sitting here. Our species would have died out, our reptilian brain makes sure we as babies ooozzz love hormones etc to keep us alive as babies. This love has a shelf life (particularly if the mother is not treated well in the system, if babies are taken away from the mother for prolonged periods they may not relate to them. What happens after a while when the shelf life of the chemicals that stop pumping, the parents begin to expect something from the child, this happens around two years of age. The terrible twos…that is the time the parent gives the message, ‘if you don’t do this or stop behaving like that I will withdraw my love’ If you don’t stop embarrassing me in public etc. A child is the embodiment of love but they are also the embodiment of all of the suppressed material that is in our energy body. Hence why a young shield may pull their dress up and their knockers down in the supermarket as an expression of the mothers hidden sexual suppression. The parents energy body has suppressed material that the child will act out in 3D very loud, they don’t think of the consequences as they are directly affected by your energy body. What happens when the parents withdraw the love, the child gradually changes their behaviour and doesn’t develop their own personality. The weapon is love, I will withdraw love unless you do what I say.

This doesn’t stop unless your parents are resolved.

What happens is you can react in 2 ways, you’re already half dead, if you can’t be yourself you are half dead. If you’re not loved all the time when you are little you are only half yourself so therefore you are half dead. I have never been myself unless I resolve this. It’s the secrets in the family that are damaging as this gets downloaded to your energy field which you act out the truth of when you are small. You can either become a rebel and rebel against your parents or become compliant and the good girl or boy.

Leonard said ‘we come as Gurus, to save our parents, and the price we pay for not doing it is we become them’ he also said “the clean plate club is the biggest club in the world”..meaning ‘eat your brussel sprouts or you won’t get….’ This is what I cooked, this is what you get…’ The child that copitulates will end up in hospital, the child who rebels will end up in Jail. We never learnt to breathe properly from the source, if we did then we would know who we are and we wouldn’t change ourselves for anyone even our parents. We were not our own people, we belonged to our parents. Most people believe they own their children. Resolved parents and children who have had a placental birth are able to be their own person. The capitulated child will tell on you at school the goody two shoes are always trying to figure out what to do to get the love, at home at school in the work place, they are really angry about it. We have to give up our connection to source to get the love. If our cord is cut at birth we are already a victim of this syndrome as when you are born there is a massive rush of love coming from the baby and the source. The baby is self sufficient when the placenta is attached. When we are mistreated at our birth by having the cord cut etc we need a lot of unconditional love to recover from that. They give up their power in order to get approval, They have mixed up approval with love. they don’t tell their truth and they don’t put themselves out there. The rebels don’t hold back their energy; they take it out on everyone. These are the ones who need to get even, in a breakup they will take everything, furniture,  fridge and food. These people rebel against their parents’ demands, they do the behaviour and suffer the consequences, they are defiant. They develop and attitude that seeks disapproval because they have mixed up disapproval with love.

The major consequences is we feel that love is outside of us and we have to do something to earn it. The reason we don’t have a lot of wealthy people on the planet is we feel we need to do something to earn it. Love and Money have the same energy. Because love was outside of us and we have to scramble to get it we feel like that in our wealth as well. 

Most children are a mix of both, it will be unlikely to find a true rebel and a true compliant in therapy. 

There’s nothing wrong with money, because love was outside of ourselves we feel guilty for needing it and money replaces that need.