Creative Breathwork

Past life meditation

So I’m gonna take you through a process that’s safe and gentle. This is a safe process, and you can feel free to enter a beautiful garden if you feel stressed, or you can rise above the experience and witness rather than be immersed in it. It’ll help deepen your experience if you try not to think, critique, analyse or judge the experience, ‘cause you can do that later. And focus on your breathing, and don’t be concerned with what is real or imaginary. You can breathe into any tension in your body, and with that breath you can breathe in the life force energy that’s all around you. So you wanna relax your body bit by bit. People who carry the weight of the world on their shoulders can feel a lot of tension in their shoulders, so let that go, deeper and deeper relaxed. Let my voice carry you deeper and deeper relaxed, and any noises from the outside, just let that remind you that are safe as the world goes on around you. 

Just keep breathing, deep breath, into your body. So let my voice carry you deeper and deeper, relaxed. Let any background noises or distractions deepen you even deeper and deeper into relaxation. And any noises can remind you that you are safe as the world continues on around you. Deepen more as they fade away, you go deep, relaxing the muscles in your arms and your back, going deeper and deeper into a beautiful space of serenity, peace and calm. And this deep space of peace and calm is very healthy for your body and your mind.

 Relaxing completely now the muscles of your abdomen, so your breathing can be relaxed. And soften now the muscles of your legs. Let the ground support you, and let yourself go deeper, it’s very safe. Imagine, visualise or feel a healing light above your head. This is a healing light and it gets rid of illness, disease and discomfort everywhere in your body. It is a relaxing light, relaxing your whole body, going deeper and deeper. And it is a spiritual light connected to the source of light, and source of all love, and you can choose its colour or colours. 

Let this light come into your body through the top of your head, illuminating your brain and spinal cord, and healing these organs, flowing down from above to below like a beautiful wave of light. Touching every cell of your body, every fibre, every tissue, every organ of your body with peace and love and healing. And the light fills your heart, your beautiful heart. Healing your heart on all levels, emotional, spiritual.

 And your heart is gently pumping this light around your whole body, bringing incredible healing and peace. Deepening your state even more, let yourself go deeper. And the light filling your abdomen organs, healing and restoring to perfect health. Getting rid of illness, disease and discomfort. The light fills your back, healing your bones, organs and muscles. Let the light be very strong, very powerful, wherever you need it for healing. And this healing will continue even after you awake, until it is complete and you are restored to perfect health. Let the light flow down your legs and into your feet, bathing your body in its powerful healing energy. And next, see or feel that the light also completely surrounds the outside of your body, wrapping you in a cocoon of light, that wraps around you and heals your skin, protecting you completely and deepening your level even more. 

In a moment when I count down from 10 to 1, go so deep that your mind is no longer limited by the usual barriers of space and time. So deep so you can remember every experience that you have ever had, whether in this body or in any other body, or even in between bodies. When you have been in a spiritual state, you can remember everything. So deep that you can experience that you can experience all levels of your beautiful, multi-dimensional self, because you are far greater than your body or your brain. You are a beautiful, immortal, spiritual being, you are always loved, never alone. And you cannot be harmed, not at this level. 

10, 9, going deeper and deeper with each number down, 7, 6, 5, deeper and deeper and deeper, 4, 3, a beautiful level of peace and serenity, 2, 1. And in this beautiful state of calm, imagine or feel that you are walking into a beautiful garden. A wonderful spiritual garden, full of beautiful plants and other beautiful things. The garden is a sanctuary for you, a haven, a place of perfect peace, a place of perfect safety, bliss, joy, love. And you find a place to rest in this beautiful garden, your body filled with the beautiful healing light. Surrounded by the light that continues to heal and rejuvenate at the deepest levels of your mind.

 You can now open up your mind and remember everything. To show you, let’s begin to go back, in first a little bit, and then more and more. In a few moments when I count down from 5 to 1, let yourself remember a childhood memory. If you wish, you can keep it a happy childhood memory, or an important one. You can remember everything, let this memory from when you were a child come into complete focus as I reach the number 1. Don’t try to edit, just allow what comes.

 5, remembering a childhood memory, keeping it pleasant if you wish. 4, coming more and more into focus, you can remember everything. 3, 2, a childhood memory, 1. Be there with this memory, and pay attention to any details, such as as location. Is it at home, or someone else’s home? Particular room, inside or outside, on a trip, what do you become aware of? What do you look like? It may be visual, hearing, tasting or smelling, or all of these senses. It’s ok if there are other people there, they may appear younger. And if you need to go deeper to remember in more detail, just take a breath, or 2, or 3, and you will remember even more. It will become sharper, better focussed. Stay with it, pay attention to details, and breathe yourself deeper and deeper into this childhood memory. Experience more details in this memory once again. Perhaps it is something you have not thought about for a long time. Sometimes a childhood memory is connected to other memories, and it’s ok to remember these other memories as well. Whatever comes into your mind is ok, and it’s fine. Paying attention to details. 

And you can remember much more than a childhood memory, and so just float above this childhood memory, feeling so free and so light. And you are still with this childhood memory, and in your mind just let yourself understand the importance of this memory to you know. Why, from all of the hundreds or even thousands of memories that could have come into your mind and awareness, was it this one? Is it trying to tell you something? Or remind you of someone? Why this memory? What is it’s importance to you now? 

And now we are ready to go further back in time, back in time before your birth into this present body. Back in utero in your mother’s womb, in the prenatal state. Many people have been able to recall from this time and place, and even if you think it may be imagination or fantasy, let yourself experience it, because often times it’s more than that. 

So as I once again count backwards from 5 to 1, let yourself go back to that time in utero. Time before your birth, the prenatal time in your mother’s womb. And just see if you become aware of any physical sensations, or impressions, and sometimes emotions are present, yours or your mothers. Or even your father’s, because consciousness is not limited to the physical body or brain. 5, going back to the time in utero, prenatal time. 4, whether imagination or fantasy or metaphor does not matter. 3, you become aware of any physical impressions or sensations. Let yourself become so focussed that when you reach 1, you can answer the question. 2, nearly there. 1, be there, in utero, prenatal, what do you become aware of now? Are there any physical sensations or impressions? Perhaps some emotions are present? Sometimes, spiritual wisdom is available at this time. Why are you choosing these parents, and this time to come? What lessons have you come back here to this Earth school to learn and to master, as you evolve along your spiritual path. Why are you choosing these parents? This life? These lessons? Returning back here?

In a few moments, when I count from 1 to 3, go through your birth. No pain at all, no discomfort at all, just to remember this important event. No pain, no discomfort at all. 1, being born. No pain, no discomfort at all. 2, 3. You are out, you are born. What do you become aware of now? Noises? Temperature? People being around? Perhaps your mother or your father. How does it feel? Feel the love that was there. 

So much more simpler at this moment, just pure love. Perhaps you have forgotten. And now just float above this scene, feeling so free and so light. And once again, we are ready to go further back in time. Back into a past life, or even into a spiritual dimension if that is what you need to experience. As you float above this scene, back in this beautiful space, visualise a beautiful door that is closed. And this is a doorway to your past lives. On the other side of this beautiful door is a magnificent light that does not hurt your eyes. On the other side of the light is a scene or a person or an experience, a past life. Join this scene or this person completely as I count down from 5 to 1, and as I reach 1, you will reach the scene of that figure, that person, that experience, that past lifetime. Join it completely, you can remember everything. 

5, the door begins to open, you become aware of the beautiful light on the other side of the door. And this light pulls you to it. It attracts you, there is something for you to learn on the other side of this door, on other side of the light. 4, you move closer towards this scene, on the other side of the light. 3, you come in closer, more and more into focus, about to join the scene or the person or the experience. 2, nearly there. 1, be there. If you find yourself in a body, look down at your feet. 

Observe the kind of footwear, if any, that you have on. Whether or boots or sandals, primitive animal skin, fur, slippers or any other type of footwear, or none at all. Pay attention to the details. Your hands, what size are they? Or your clothes, the style of fabric, textures, colours. Perhaps they indicate a particular historic time or culture. Pay attention to other details, perhaps geography, mountains, deserts, jungles, forests, oceans or buildings, architecture. Primitive, or not so primitive. What do you become aware of? If you find other people, observe other people, observing their clothes. And if you get close to another person, observing their eyes, do they see familiar to you in any way? Do you know them? Do you recognise them? You can move forwards or backwards in time in that lifetime, to learn even more. 

In a few moments, when I count from 1 to 3, go to the most important or significant event or events from that life. 1, 2, 3. You are there, another important time from that life, from that experience. What is happening to you? What do you become aware of? Are there other people around? If so, do you recognise them? Do they seem familiar to you in any way? Explore deeper into that memory. Perhaps there are other details, memories, events in that life to help you understand and to heal. In a few moments, when I again from 1 to 3, go to the end of that lifetime, to how you left that life, with no discomfort or pain. Just to remember how you left that lifetime and that experience, no pain, no discomfort, this is about learning. The very end, 1, 2, 3, you are there. Don’t think, don’t analyse, don’t critique, just experience what is happening. Are there people around you? And what do you become aware of?

And now just float above that scene and that body. Perhaps you can look down and observe that scene you have just left, that physical body you have just left. And in your mind, just for a few moments, let yourself understand the lessons, the experience of that lifetime. What did you learn from it? What were your lessons? And how do those lessons connect with you now in your current life? What are the connections? Does this help you to understand something or someone? What are the connections? Imagine now as you float in this beautiful space, you feel free and light. You’ve left that body, that time, that place, so free, so peaceful, so light, understanding its lessons and connections. And notice a beautiful spiritual being, however you conceptualize this beautiful spiritual being. A master or a guide, a bodhisattva, an enlightened spiritual being, or a loved one who loves you unconditionally? Someone very wise and loving comes to visit you as you float in this beautiful space. You can communicate with them, whether through thought, vision, mind to mind, however you can communicate. Are there any messages for you? Is there any knowledge? Wisdom? To remove blocks to your happiness in this current life, what do you need to know? To feel happier or more joyful, what do you need to understand? To feel more joy, what can they show you? Are there any messages for you? 

Soon it will be time to return to full waking consciousness, but you will remember everything you have experienced. The childhood memory, the in utero memory, the past life if you had one, and what happened on the other side of the door. The light, any messages or wisdom, and most importantly that you are a spiritual being. And so saying goodbye to your spiritual friend for now, that they are also with you, always there, even when you are not aware, they are always there. You are always loved, and you are never alone. 

And now you’re joining your body in the garden. Your body is filled with the light, it has been healing and rejuvenating and restoring. And it’s filled with a beautiful peaceful energy, so soft and so beautiful. And now feeling yourself back in your body, in this room, completely grounded in your body, I will bring you back to full waking consciousness. In complete control of your mind and body, awake and alert, by counting up from 1 to 10. And each number, you will be more awake and alert, and by 10 you will be fully awake and alert, in complete control of your body and mind, feeling great. Filled with the beautiful soft energy, and remembering everything that you’ve just experienced, all the way back. 1, 2, 3, gently awakening now. 4, 5, 6, more and more awake, and feeling alert, great, feeling wonderful. 7, 8, 9, 10, good. Let your eyes open, stretch and come all the way back to full waking consciousness. Give yourself a minute to stretch, and then grab your pen and paper and start to document the experiences that you had.