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Past lives

Past Life

Awesome, guys. So we’re actually gonna do a past life process, because we’re now onto past life. We won’t be having seminars…this is actually our last seminar, even though there’s more stuff. Because the next 2 days there’s a completely different thing happening, which is consolidating and gonna help you guys step back out into the world. It’s amazing, you will love it. So we’re gonna finish off with past lives, which is just kinda taking you a little bit further on from birth and a little bit further on into your possible existences, and what you’ve bought in with you. And whether you believe in past life or not, it doesn’t matter. Because childhood is a past life. Teenagehood is actually a past life. When you think about it, it feels like a past life. Being with my partner and living together with 2 little babies feels like a past life. I feel like a completely different person, completely. It doesn’t matter if you believe or don’t believe in past lives as in completely different lives. So just know that when you’re doing this, you don’t have to believe in it, but just really let yourself go there. And suspend all judgment when you’re doing this process, just to allow yourself to really drop into what I’m gonna guide you through.

This process is kind of like my own…I’ve devised it myself, but I was influenced by, I don’t know if anyone’s read ‘Many Lives, Many Masters’ by Dr Brian Weiss. So he was an American psychiatrist who uses hypnotherapy to work with his clients. And he was noticing people going back to past lives, so he dedicated his work to them. It’s an amazing book, and it’s very healing. Especially some people who came to him and they didn’t’ necessarily have anything that appeared to be traumatic in this life time, yet they were really living dysfunctionally. So the work that he was doing with people through past life work was just really phenomenal. 

So this exercise that I have come up with is directly influenced by his work. So it’s got a little bit of hypnotherapy type in it. You’re gonna really allow yourself to go deep, and really allow yourself to let go of the mind control and the mind thought. So it’s probably best if you all just get comfy. Yeah these guys, when I do the past life stuff, especially Stella, she’s like twitching…I wish she could talk.

So past life experiences can come to us in ways other than in regression, such as in dreams, or in another country or place where you experience de ja vu, or soul mate recognition can also be a past life experience. It can stimulate healing, or the beginning of a healing journey. You can experience within a breathwork session a spontaneous regression to what seems like another life or a dream. The most ugly past can be transformed into bliss and success. Thinking is the source of all things. All goodness and riches, as well as pain and suffering. Our past lives are just thoughts until we manifest them. They are memories that can be changed. 

The younger years of our lives can seem like a past life, and just the same as past lives. It can inform our beliefs and experiences, and therefore how we live in this life. One of the purposes of past life work is to help you reconnect with your spiritual team, and guardians. Where you can commune with higher beings of unconditional love, or your own higher selves. Then it’s possible to gain an overview of life’s challenges, and discover what your life’s purpose is, and activate your blueprint or life plan. Rather than moving around in the circle of karma, we can start to enter into darma, or divine service. 

It is important when doing past life work to understand that you are a sovereign being of light. Because in this kind of work you can come across entities that may be attached, and that can bring up fear. So being solid in your understanding of yourself as a sovereign being of light, and nothing can touch that unless you allow it.