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Types of birth

Types of Births

  1. Drugs at birth– always in a fog, yawn alot, feel unconscious in relationships, complain of deadening their aliveness in relationships, fade in and out, support equated suffocation, finding it hard to focus, feel smothered, suppressed feelings, emotionally cold in their relationships.
  2. Wrong sex– difficulty with their gender, unaccepted, sad , angry resentful in relationships, cant accept themselves in relationships, see the world and relationships as an unfriendly place. Puberty is very difficult, feel happier at home. disappointed in life
  3. Forceps birth– don’t like being controlled or manipulated- Vacuum suction.. The dr will drag the head and twist it instead of letting the baby do it themselves. They are more comfortable being in control, they fear pain. And pleasure means pain (Birth is supposed to be pleasurable) They feel they have to be pulled out of situations. They can be very cerebral and ask many questions, often they fear touch.
  4. Attempted abortion– They are more afraid of life than death, they think people are out to kill them. Often they have the thought that I don’t want to live. They don’t usually trust people in relationships, they don’t feel wanted and feel they shouldn’t be here.
  5. Breech- They complain of doing things wrong, they often hate completion, they say they never know what they want next, they complain of struggle in relationships, some say they back out of relationships, they came out back the front. They notice if they have pleasure it’s followed by pain so they create pain after pleasure. They are worried about hurting people. They complain of not knowing which direction to go. They can do everything backwards, rich young and poor when older.
  6. Cord around the neck- Tend to create life threatening situations, very sensitive to a feeling of being choked they don’t like anything around their neck, scarfs-necklaces, ties, button up shirts etc. Intimacy can be a risky business, they can feel strangled in relationships, they do well in a crisis situation. Often feel cut off from their emotions. They can often say this is killing me. Tend to sabotage creative projects. Tend to tangle up in everything.
  7. Caesarean, suffers from interruption syndrome. People will interrupt the flow of what they are doing, and others will interrupt and create chaos. Can have a fear of knives and sharp instruments or they can love them- A knife saved their lives. They can’t do it themselves or they insist on doing it themselves, they can get frustrated if people don’t come to their aid. They resent people manipulating them. They either love or hate being touched. Difficult making decisions.
  8. Premature and Late babies. Feel ahead of everyone else in what they do. Feel immature in relationships, (Premmy in incubator) feel small and insignificant, feel separate and alone. Don’t like being observed. 
  9. Long labours feel slow, frustrated and they are a pain and disappointment, they hurt everyone, life is tough and a struggle  a disappointment and they are late for everything, they keep everyone waiting. 
  10. Fast birth. Feel rushed and nervous and always rushing, lots of energy and feel guilty for stepping on people’s toes. Hyperactive, can be good athletes. Fast at everything. Often want and crave a fast pace.
  11. Held back births. The Mother is stopped from the natural process of birthing. Wait for things to get frighteningly dangerous before they do anything. Feel a need to break through a wall of resistance but they can’t. Feel unsafe in their body and could have a crooked spine. (Baby has no neuro cortex to understand what is happening) Some have the thought, I can’t get what I want when I want it. In order to prevent others from holding me back I have to leave
  12. Unplanned. Unwanted, illegitimate (not heard so much) Tend to be addicted to rejection in relationships, They play the role and reject anyone who wants them. try to make themselves indispensable so they won’t be rejected. Be sneaky and illegitimate. They make the best dodgy accountants. Have trouble planning if they were unplanned, be a compulsive planner, be accident prone because you were an accident. Be disorganised.
  13. Induced. Problems getting started feel helpless waiting for someone to choose them. They complain of being apathetic in relationships, they often have the thought ‘I can’t get what I want’. People have to induce them to do stuff. They hate getting out of bed, they find others set up the rules and they feel trapped. They find it hard to begin things.


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