Embark on a life changinghealing journey...

Transform your life and others' through the power of Creative Breathwork.

Creative Breathwork retreats are for those wanting to understand and finally heal lineage patterns and traumas that have been keeping you trapped in one perspective and way of living for life times.
Learn to work with the breath to heal yourself as well as for those who want to train as a professional Breathwork facilitators, the level 1 retreat is a prerequisite for facilitator training.
All of us who have experienced a modern birth and whose parents, through no fault of their own, were unconscious and traumatised, will be living with profound trauma and will not know who they really are. You will learn about:
  • Birth Trauma
  • Parental Trauma
  • Childhood Trauma
  • School Trauma
  • Personal Law
  • Death Urge
  • Past Lives


Are you ready to learn the tools to affect change, expansion and awakening in the world?

Start your journey now!
take the first steps towards your own personal healing and  becoming a breathwork facilitator

Creative Breathwork 6 day intensive Retreat
September 2024

Creative Breathwork retreats are for those who want change in their lives, for those who have tried to change but are still in struggle mode, for those who want to learn a modality to help shift the world and for those who know this life is a profound gift and want to wake up to the potentila that is inherent in all of us!

The September retreat will include:


Accomodation at our beautiful Bali inspired Green Tara Retreat space on th Mid North Coast N.S.W


Organic vegetarian Food prepared lovingly by our chef Amanda


Education and training on trauma. You will work with a buddy during the retreat during breathwork and somatic processes


Support to find and develop your unique gifts to hold energetically safe and clean spaces for your self to heal.

You will study and practice:


Elemental Purification practices
Work with a partner who is a fellow student, to do your own breathwork practice and facilitation with your breathe buddy.


The psychology of trauma and participate in processes to support the healing and release of trauma stored in the body


Sharing groups and group breathes to connect with the other Creative Breathwork students and learn more about your own Breathwork practice and about Breathwork facilitation.

Our retreats are a prerequisite for the 3 level Professional training program.

If you decide to continue to the facilitator training,  you will join a year long program where you will complete:

1. Online level 1 course, which will give you access to:
Audios of meditations, breathwork practices .videos of seminars, processes and breathwork sessions. A library of downloadable written content will be available to support your journey with your own personal healing and also your journey to becoming a Creative Breathwork Facilitator.

2. Level 2 in person retreat;

You will join a 6 day intensive where you will step into a support roll for partcipants as well as contiuing to deepen your own breathing practice.

3. Level 3 Underwater 5 day retreat or 10, 1 on 1 underwater sessions with a qualified Creative Breathwork facilitator.

4. Online 4 month Mentorship program;

These three levels plus at least 1 mentorship program successfully completed will qualify you to become a one on one facilitator of Breathwork, You will be able get membership as a breathwork therapist with the Australian Breathwork Association.


Is something still holding you back from living your purpose?

The main focus of creative breathwork retreats is doing your own expansion work whilst learning the tools to hold space for others.


In the retreats and the online training course, you will begin to do the work on yourself and understand where the trauma is coming from, learn the tools to release it and experience integration in a safe held container.

The retreat will cover:

A History of Breathwork

Discover the facinating history behind working therapeutically with conscious connected breathing.

Cellular Memory Release Technique

Learn a simple and powerful breathing technique that can unlock traumas in the body. A technique that you can use daily to release blocks and empower your healing process.

Creative Breathwork Technique

Learn the conscious connected breathing technique that Redlyn teaches in her training retreats, and get access to audio recordings to use yourself at home.

How patterns and beliefs are formed

Understand some of the psychology of trauma and how the practices taught by Creative Breathwork can release the beliefs and transform the patterns. 

Birth Trauma

How does our birth impact the direction and success of our life? Is our personality and levels of resiliance dependent on the type of birth we experienced?


  • Releasing past traumas.
  • Earning more money than you thought possible in the first year of your business.
  • Forgiving yourself and the other's in your life who's actions have hurt you.
  • Creating the relationships you want.
  • Knowing who you are and manifesting your heart's desire.
  • Expressing repressed rage, grief, guilt, fear, shame and being free of the heavy burden of these emotions.
  • Rekindling your childhood sense of fun and adventure.
  • Changing your path from one of shoulds to one of flow and alignment.
  • Reclaiming and feeling safe in your body.
  • Setting strong boundaries.
  • Learning to trust your intuition again.
  • Authoring your own life from a place of empowerment.

Want to make a difference in the world?

Our retreats attract changemakers from all over the world.

People who are ready to be the bridge that helps us connect back to our healed selves, the light beings we are here to be.

Creative Breathwork Practitioner Training is a joyful, powerful and authentic training that will empower you to support transfromation in all those who seek it.

This is where your healing journey starts...


  • Connect with a group of like minded people.
  • Experience a lighter and more centred way of being as you let go of heavy familial baggage.
  • Feel supported, heard and validated.
  • Learn how to transform and integrate trauma to create the life you have dreamed of.
  • Open yourself to more abundance and flow.
  • Purify your mind, body and spirit with the breath.

What sets Creative Breathwork Retreats apart?

  • After years of holding space for people to let go of and transform old patterns, belief systems and trauma, I have developed my own style of Breathwork from what I have witnessed as being the most powerful and effective way to heal.
  • Our retreats are small and you are supported in every breathe session.
  • Empowers one to remember that they are the creator of their own story and therefore their own experience. This is an incredible liberating and life changing realisation when it genuinely drops into one’s consciousness.
  • Is the beginning of deep self responsibility and deep joy in the creation of a purposeful life, where one is unlocking all the potential and magic gifted to us at birth.
  • The group dynamic and sharing is a powerful and important part of our healing and coming back into intimate connection with ourselves and others.
  • We implement psychological processes to uncover unconscious patterns, trauma and beliefs that are keeping you stuck.
  • You can take your training as far as you want to, whether it is for personal work, professional one on one therapist training, running groups or coming on board to be a Creative Breathwork teacher or retreat support.
  • It is a deep soul channeling from my own healing path and from years of studying both conventional and non conventional modalities, including three different Breathwork modalities, Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, Psychology, Ayurvedic traditions, Chinese medicine traditions and Spiritual learnings handed down to me from My Mother and Grandmother. 
  • It is an offering that entwines the techniques I have used to profoundly change my own life from one of victim oppression to that of free human.
  • The technique I use primarily is the connected breathing technique I learned from Leonard Orr (The founder of Rebirthing Breathwork). 
  • The weaving of all of these practices, philosophies and techniques comes together to form Creative Breathwork.
  • A deeply held modality designed to release blocked, held or unconscious emotions, energies and thoughts that may be holding you back from enjoying a life of liberation and connection.

I was training to be Psychologist until I found Breathwork...

I came to be a Breathwork therapist after years of my own therapeutic Journey with the breath. Before I found the powerful modality of conscious breath, I had just had my second child - a daughter and for some reason I couldn’t pretend I was happy in my relationship or with the life I had created anymore. Their father and I separated when she was two and our son was 10.
This was the hardest time of my life, I had breakdowns , I was homeless with my two kids, I was running a healing centre and I was falling apart, my kids were miserable especially my daughter and I was devastated at what I had done with my life. I didn’t know that my early unhealed traumas were being expressed through my current family.
I blamed myself and my self esteem plummeted.
I was studying to be a psychologist, working, raising two kids and about to crash and burn...

I found myself at a 10 day retreat on the Gold Coast of Australia, to this day I do not remember how I got the money or how I found out about this retreat as I went alone and I had never heard of Breathwork or of Leonard Orr before, non the less I found myself amongst strangers at the weirdest retreat I had ever been on, in fact the first retreat I had ever been on! I believe my guides and my higher self directed me to this retreat.

This was a Rebirthing Breathwork retreat run by Leonard Orr the founder of Rebirthing breathwork.
For 10 days I fasted, sat by open fires, swam in rivers and breathed hour long connected breath sessions to bring up past traumas. I was ready to run by day 3. It was so intense and overwhelming, I felt like I had opened Pandora's box and it was bottomless. I didn’t want to feel my pain, I wanted to numb it. I stayed for the whole 10 days and I felt a good chunk of my pain.
I left this retreat devastated at the realisation that to get my life back I had a lot of work to do. I dedicated the next decade of my life to studying and participating in many modalities, During this time I was studying Psychology and I continued to train in Breathwork and heal my own trauma’s.
After several years I was asked by Pauline Win (one of my Breathwork mentors and teachers) to co-facilitate with her at her Breathwork trainings and then eventually she encouraged me to become a teacher.

I have the deepest gratitude to all of my teachers along the way, in particular Leonard Orr and Pauline Win for seeing me and for encouraging me to heal, and for giving me this tool of the breath.


I know now that we are the creators of our lives 100% no one else is in charge unless you allow them to be. To author your own life is a gift of the highest and it is my prayer that we all wake up to our divine selves.


Creative breathwork was born from all of the teachings I have received from my mentors and through my own discovery of my inner authority and divinity and my incredible ability to manifest once I have cleared a specific trauma. Breathwork has cleared and integrated so much of my past pain and trauma and the beliefs I received from the family lineage of trauma I was born into.

I am passionate about teaching people to release themselves from the chains of ancestral unhealed traumas and assisting people to reclaim their sovereignty.

Welcome to Creative Breathwork.

Meet your Breathwork Guide

Hello I am Redlyn,

I have been facilitating Transformation and empowerment for people just like you for over 15 years. 

I am continually blown away and thrilled at the life enhancing and transforming effects this work has on the graduates of Creative Breathwork.


One of our signature processes and the crown of our retreats is the 'what your life will look like in 5 years time'.


All of our students report profound changes, one of our graduates earned over 1 million in her first year of her new business. Another went on to teach Permaculture with his soul mate after having been single and purposeless for several years. One of the most profound life enhancing transformations was that of a young woman who came to me as a last resort, she was debilitated with a life threatening condition and didn't want to live, we literally carried her to a retreat where she began to claim her life back, she is now disease free and has met the love of her life and living her best life ever! She is a courageous champion. All of these manifestations were in their 5 year life plan.


My life is dedicated to guiding those of you who are ready to go back through the traumas that warped and stole your life force, feel what you need to, honour your past, claim back the lost pieces of your soul and step firmly, courageously and with an open heart into the life you are here to live. 


What People are saying...

You are ready for the retreat if you are:

  • Ready to break lineage patterns and curses.
  • Unsatisfied with relationships, work, your body and health.
  • Ready to take responsibility for your life.
  • Wanting to reconnect with higher dimensions and inner wisdom.
  • Need a change of perspective.
  • Feeling unhealthy.
  • Want to train as a therapist.

Creative Breathwork Retreat EARLYBIRD PRICE(Must be paid in full)

Full price $3450

$2999 . 00


6 days and 5 nights
In the beautiful Mid North Coast NSW area.

PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE (Not for earlybird price)
  • Various Accommodation Options
  • Nourishing & Tasty Vegetarian High Vibe Food
  • Located In Paradise Surrounded By Nature
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