Discover the Power Healing Integration of Creative Breathwork

Are you ready to learn
the tools to affect change,
expansion and awakening
in the world?

Creative Breathwork

Breathwork Therapy

Experience the transformative journey of individual breathwork therapy sessions with Redlyn. Each session is focused on going gently deeper, shifting negative patterns, self-perception and detoxing. You can attend sessions both face to face and online.

Creative Breathwork Retreat


Breathwork retreats are 8 days of profound personal transformation. You will receive deep guidance and powerful tools to use in your everyday life. This retreat is also a prerequisite for practitioner training. Join us on our next retreat February 2024 In the Blue Mountains N.S.W

Creative Breathwork Retreat

Online Breathwork

Can’t get to a Face to Face retreat? We are about to open our bookings for our New online Breathwork Level 1.  Redlyn works with clients from all over the world, remotely guiding you via Zoom. Wherever you are you can experience a full Creative Breathwork Journey.

Creative Breathwork Retreat

Breathwork Practitioner Training

Learning to be a Creative Breathwork Practitioner is an incredibly rewarding journey of personal growth and learning to help others to heal.

You will have opportunities to take on clients while being mentored and supported. The next Creative Breathwork  Level I breathwork retreat in Blue Mountains February 2024 Dates 9th-16th is a good place to start. Limited places available.

"Redlyn is highly gifted in connecting with higher dimensional reality and when she does so I invariably get a sense of the truth of her connection."
Creative Breathwork
"I have never experienced the depth of love, healing, nurturing, and transcendence with anyone else as I have with Redlyn."
Creative Breathwork
"I can say categorically that I would not have kept coming back for that amount of time if there were not something profound on offer from her."
Creative Breathwork