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Hello and welcome to the online level 1 and 2 mentor program:

This program is for those who have attending at least one of the Creative Breathwork Training retreats and wish to become a Breathwork practitioner and facilitator.

It is requirement before you can graduate as a Creative Breathwork Facilitator.

A large component of this training is your own personal work; in fact I see this as the core and most important aspect of being a great space holder for the transformation of your clients.

You absolutely cannot assist someone in healing the depths of trauma that you yourself have not traversed in your own healing journey.

As a therapist you are required to be clearing your energy and evaluating your own level of self-awareness on a regular basis.

This is what the mentor program is designed to facilitate. Your own regular practice, and your own ongoing healing work.

After you complete this program it is highly recommended that you join the online breathers group for regular breathe sessions with fellow students and graduates.

The time commitment for this programme is as follows:

1 hour per month for one on one mentor session.

1-1.5 hours per fortnight for online group breathe

2 hours per week for breathe swap with your buddy

1-2 hours per week for practice client.

30 minutes to an hour every morning and evening for journaling, meditation or breathwork practice.

Extra time per week for challenges.

This program is a 4-month program; we follow the four elements of Earth, Air, Water and Fire, with unique practices for the different elements and online breath groups with 4 x one on one mentor sessions. During this mentor program you are required to take on at least one practice client. Preferably someone you don’t know very well or at all and someone who agrees to be facilitated by a student, someone who has no history of mental illness and is not taking medication or recreational drugs. This person will be in good physical shape, not be pregnant and is willing to commit to the 10 regular sessions with you.

Your one on one mentor sessions is where you will bring your self-evaluation forms and discuss anything about your practice clients with me for support and mentoring during your practice 10 sessions. The link to this form is below.

Those participating in the mentorship will be paired up with another student to swap at least 20 online breathing sessions. You will facilitate your partner through 20 online breaths and they will facilitate you for 20 online breathes.

Mentorship 1: Earth-Body

Earth-Body is the first month and a 4 week programme of learnings and practices, focused on learning about, working with, tapping into and strengthening Earth energy through your body.

The Earth element covers our entire concrete environment including our body and our environment.

We will be looking at how we treat our bodies through the food we eat, the way we move our bodies, and the way we see our body.

We will be de-cluttering our environment and establishing a healthy relationship to our own physical body and the environment we live in.

Mentorship 2: Air-Mind

Air is the element of the mind and is the main element we work with in Creative Breathwork.

The western mind needs to practice a lot of purification due to a lack of meditation and mental discipline.

There is an epidemic in the west of mental illness and this is why we work primarily with the element of Air, to purify and clear the mind.

Mentorship 3: Water-Emotions

The third month is the Element of water, the purification of the heart and emotions through work with the water and letting your emotions to flow.

They say water that hasn’t seen the light of the sun or moon are sacred waters, these include Tears. Our tears are Sacred.

Mentorship month 4: Fire-spirit

Welcome to the final month of the mentorship.

The Fire element is our connection to purpose, passion and bringing spirit into manifestation.

This month you will get into action and begin to ignite your dreams and desires.

It is the month to fuel the fire in your belly, to claim your place and to begin taking the steps to bring your ideas, dreams and purpose to fruition.

I am so thrilled to have you onboard this journey to becoming a Breathwork therapist and being of the highest service to our Brothers and Sisters and our beautiful planet. I look forward to supporting you along the way and watching your transformation and empowerment.

Enjoy your program.


Redlyn Kym

Mentorship Programme - Earth-Body. A 4 week programme for student practitioners focusing on Earth element and Body practices.