Creative Breathwork

About our Breathwork Retreats

About our Breathwork Retreats

Creative retreats are for those wanting to work with the breath to heal as well as for those who want to train as a professional Breathwork facilitator.

All of us who have experienced a modern birth and whose parents, through no fault of their own, were unconscious and traumatised, will be living with profound trauma and will not know who they really are.

Our brain as a newborn has an inbuilt intelligence that deals with trauma as soon as it happens, this trauma stays tucked away in our tissue until the time is right for it to come to the surface, this is usually in the teen years. Unfortunately our culture is not prepared to support the undoing of this trauma so it is either re-buried in the body, causing us to seek out activities to keep us numb, ie; addictions, or the person is thrown into a tumultuous existence of depression, anxiety and illness.

The conscious connected breath is the most powerful tool we have discovered to unblock deep ancestral trauma and rewrite your life blueprint.

In the 8 Day Breathwork retreat you will learn:

  • How to breathe an hour long connected breath cycle to release blocks and to experience your true and innocent self.
  • Work through past belief systems.
  • Understand your parental and lineage patterns that you are unconsciously living out and how to rewrite these stories.
  • How Childhood and School trauma affects your relationships,  your ability to learn and your self worth.
  • Purification and longevity techniques to support healing through your whole system.
  • Past life recall, trauma release and reconnection with your higher self and spirit guides.
  • Your spiritual and religious trauma and how to reconnect to your own ‘knowing’ in a healthy empowered way.
  • Reconnect with your life purpose, who you are and what you are doing here.

Drawing on her 30 years of experience, Redlyn is a  gentle yet powerful guide to support you back to your authentic, innocent self before you were programmed by trauma. 

She discovered that most people seeking out her services were carrying unresolved stress and trauma in the body and this was the main cause of mental and physical illness.

Her clients were showing symptoms of disconnect from source and a deep unconscious mistrust of life.

The conscious breath is one of the most effective methods to free yourself from trauma and return to your  original state in which you were meant to live.

“Through the reclamation of the breath all trauma is curable and through the curing of trauma the potential for bliss and profound awakening is not only possible but guaranteed.”

Interested in our Creative Breathwork training program?

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  • Breathwork healing is an extremely effective modality for releasing old stagnant generational patterns that don’t serve your current life. 
  • Because of the power of this work it is highly recommended that you are ready for these shifts. 
  • Being ready means you are not on any medication either pharmaceutical or self administered, you are very real with yourself in the understanding that your life may and most probably will change and the relationships and situations that are not serving this shift will be removed. 
  • For some people this is a difficult step and can be the make or break of whether this work is successful for you.
  •  If you are not ready for the changes to happen then don’t do the work.

This training is available both in person at the Creative Breathwork retreats or Online.