Breathwork FAQ

There are two different forms of Breathwork one is called Cathartic or Holotropic (mouth breathing), and the other is called Rebirthing (nasal breathing). Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing Breathwork, discovered this form of Breathwork and with the guidance of Babji, the patron of Breathwork, and brought it to the west. In the yogic tradition the nasal chambers, referred to as nadis, are able to separate oxygen from life force. The intelligence of the nadis sends the oxygen to the brain and sends the life force in to your body to seek out blocks, tension etc.

In a one on one session with me, after an initial consultation, you will be guided to breathe in a connected manner through your nose for a period of one hour. Your body will experience many different sensations during the session. The breath will find areas of tension, blocked energy and emotions in your body. With my assistance you will be supported to release these blocks in as gentle a way as possible.

Generally I work with the parents of the child, in this tradition of therapy the child is under the influence of the parents energy until they come to an age of independence, until this time it is always beneficial for the parents to do the work. Once you shift a pattern it will reverberate through your family, in particular it will shift the energy of the children. It is a beautiful gift to your child to do the work of releasing family patterns and trauma so they don’t have to bear the full burden.

Yes, there are strips you can get from the pharmacy that help open the nasal cavity.

Yes it is beneficial in uncovering the underlying cause of the Asthma.

Breathwork has been through years of growth since it’s early days in the 60’s where it was done mainly in groups. The past issues with Breathwork is that most people didn’t realise the power of it and therefore it wasn’t held strongly by people who have worked through and are aware and responsible for their own triggers. Creative Breathwork retreats are small groups where you are mainly breathing one on one with the guidance of an integrated highly trained facilitator. After these retreats you are invited to join a mentor group where you will continue learning the Creative Breathwork technique and be mentored in your integration. The one on one sessions are a 10 session package where you are supported to complete and integrate a full circle healing journey.