Purify – Foundations of facilitation

This is the perfect place to start if you have ever been interested in Creative Breathwork; This Intro course will cover: This course will include: This course is perfect for: Level 1 online training is available to those wanting to deepen their practice and knowledge and for those wanting to train as a professional Creative […]

Creative Breathwork Training – Level 1 (B)

Creative Breathwork Level 1 B is where we dive into the meat of the working hypothesis behind human trauma, how our family lineage influences how we live our lives, the relationships we have, the jobs we have, even down to our health and ability to live an abundant supported life.

Creative Breathwork Training – Level 1 (A)

Online Group Breathwork with Redlyn

Level 1 Professional Training: Level 1 Breathwork Practitioner Training will give you a solid grounding in: What you will need for the course: Journal dedicated to this course Folder to put all of the downloadable documents in (This will be your resource for when you are working with practice clients) Speaker to listen to audios […]

Breathwork Mentorship Program

Breathwork Practitioner Mentorship - Earth-Body

Hello and welcome to the online level 1 and 2 mentor program: This program is for those who have attending at least one of the Creative Breathwork Training retreats and wish to become a Breathwork practitioner and facilitator. It is requirement before you can graduate as a Creative Breathwork Facilitator. A large component of this […]