Creative Breathwork

Stages of a Breathwork session

Stages of a Rebirthing Session
1st Stage: Breath can be laboured, heavy or suppressed. Person can be fidgety, uncomfortable and resistant (usually means there is ‘stuff’ at the surface) person can go unconscious due to the ‘stuff’ coming up.
A person can take full deep breathes, ‘stuff’ is already coming up or they are in between emotional peaks.

2nd Stage or mid point (usually half way through) Breath becomes more full, more flowing as emotions start to release.
The breath becomes light and sometimes suspended after an emotional release, you may sense something divine in the space at this stage.

There can be two mid stages where the person has two emotional releases.

End of session: Breath is smooth, gentle and peaceful when the cycle has completed. The person’s body will be still and light and a serene expression will be on their face.

An incomplete session will look opposite to this with the person still fidgeting or upset, the breath still big or unconscious or asleep, Their body will want to keep breathing if they are still activated. In these cases when you have been breathing them for an hour or more you can employ integration counselling techniques (Taught in level 2)