In order to start the journey of healing negative family patterns, we need to be able to identify what those patterns are in our maternal and paternal family history. Because one of the most helpful things to know that your own patterns of behaviour, decision making, fears and way of being in the world – probably didn’t start with you.

We are going to look at three things you need to know about family patterns, where they come from, how you unconsciously took them on and how you can find out what they are.

Where did they come from and how did we take them on?

The philosophy of this lineage of Breathwork states that our cells are impacted by our thoughts and research has shown that we are imprinted during gestation by the thoughts of our mother. Recent studies have suggested that adult diseases and addictions may originate in the gestation period.

Our connection to the source whilst we are in the womb creates a large margin of safety and allows us to grow a healthy body until our birth. Even though we have this divine connection that protects us from the majority of the pollution from the outside world, we are still in psychic connection with our mothers thoughts and feelings. Millions of thoughts and feelings are exchanged during our time in the womb. By the end of the second trimester the baby ‘s brain has developed the ability to think, and form conclusions (though not to the extent of an adult) and is a wide open sensory window.

If your mother was stressed, unhappy or ill, her thoughts and feelings could have been transferred to you while you were a growing baby in her womb.
In his early Breathwork sessions with clients, Leonard Orr, my teacher and the founder of Rebirthing breathwork, noticed that his adult clients were in touch with thoughts and feelings their mothers were experiencing at the time of their birth. Many clients were able to confirm with their mothers that these memories, normally unavailable to our conscious mind, were true.

Infact, the whole concept and experience of Rebirthing in Breathwork came out of the experiences of clients who spontaneously regressed to their experiences as a baby and of being born while they were breathing.

What was your grandmother experiencing while your mother was in her womb?

If your cells can be impacted by your mothers thoughts and experiences then it would be valuable to ponder the fact that
your mother, whilst gestating in your grandmothers mothers womb, had all of her eggs inside of her womb- and you were one of those eggs!

What experiences, thoughts and emotions would be likely to have been experienced by not only your mother, but also your grandmother when your mother was in her womb? If you know enough about your family history, to have some idea about this, then you may be able to start to find where some of your family patterns have come from on the maternal side.

It would also make sense to look to your Fathers lineage as he also donates cells for the life making process of conception.

What are your family patterns?

To start working out what some of the negative family patterns are that you may have unconciously taken on as a baby and as an infant – here are some of the questions to start with:

Questions you can start to ask yourself:

To start to get an idea about the negative family patterns that you may have inherited, here are some of the questions that you can ask yourself to form a picture of the family patterns you have taken on:

The more that you start to understand where you have come from, the better placed you will be to start the journey back to your most essential and powerful self.

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