Purify – Foundations of facilitation

Foundations of facilitation is an online course designed especially for people who want to learn how to facilitate and use breathwork to begin transforming their lives. Begin the journey with us anytime and work at your own pace and get LIFETIME access to breathwork resources.

This course includes:

A History of Breathwork
Discover the fascinating history behind working therapeutically with conscious connected breathing.

Cellular Memory Release Technique
Learn a simple and powerful breathing technique that can unlock traumas in the body. A technique that you can use daily to release blocks and empower your healing process.

Creative Breathwork Technique
Learn the conscious connected breathing technique that Redlyn teaches in her training retreats, and get access to audio recordings to use yourself at home.

How patterns and beliefs are formed
Understand some of the psychology of trauma and how the practices taught by Creative Breathwork can release the beliefs and transform the patterns.

Birth Trauma
How does our birth impact the direction and success of our life? Is our personality and levels of resilience dependent on the type of birth we experienced?

For any inquiries, contact us here or send us an email at soulsupport@creativebreathwork.com