Practitioner Level 1 Training Online Begins October 2023

Booking are OPEN NOW and our Doors open September 2023-

This is a deep immersion level 1 Breathwork course and is the prerequisite for the Professional Breathwork Training levels 2 and 3.

This online course is designed to transform, purify and equip you with the tools for ongoing practice and healing. For those who are looking to complete training as a Creative Breathwork Practitioner, this Level I training is a prerequisite for advancing to levels 2 & 3.


This training is for:

Those wanting to fulfil a desire to be of service and begin a career as a Creative Breathwork facilitator.

Therapists already working with people who want to add a modality that will assist in supporting their clients through profound shifts and trauma release.

This training is also for people just wanting to do deep work on themselves for People wanting deep, lasting and profound personal shifts in their own lives. You don’t have to become a facilitator.

Mothers and Fathers wanting to release their own birth trauma and unhealthy family patterns

Anyone wanting to release past traumas, beliefs and patterns that are no longer serving them.

We will explore:

Different styles of Breathwork and Purification Practices, psychological processes to understand yourself and release blocks and traumas, and so much more

You will experience:

10 Rebirthing Breathwork sessions

Techniques that will have you shedding old beliefs, expanding your energy field and mind, remembering more of who you are, connecting with your higher mind your spiritual essence and your personal power.

You will have the opportunity to release and grow beyond limiting ancestral beliefs developed as a survival mechanism from past traumas.

You will learn to:

Support your designated buddy, (A fellow student who you will work with throughout the online training) in 10 online Breathwork sessions.

Take your buddy through processes to support in the understanding and release of old patterns of behaviour.

You will have access to:

A lifetime access to the online training material

An online breathe group fortnightly meetup

A breathe buddy whom you will swap sessions with online

Audio and Video seminars and resources to support your learning

*This is profound and deep work ,and it is recommended that you feel ready to dedicate time and energy to participate fully in this course to get the most lasting and expansive results.

The commencement date for Online Practitioner Training are to be announced soon.

Please note that if you would like to secure your place, we need to have received your full payment.

If you are committed and ready to undertake your own personal expansion journey, we welcome you on board and look forward to supporting your Rebirth.

With Love, Friendship and Respect

Redlyn Kym

Delivery & Contact Details:

Delivery: Online through our Student Portal, Fortnightly live groups

Contact: For any inquiries, contact us here or send us an email at

Bookings Policy: Bookings close 2 days before the session starts.

Cancellation Policy: Cancellation fee is 50% of full fee if cancelled less than 1 Month before commencement date. Private session Cancellation fee is 25% of full fee if not given 24 hours notice.

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